Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fox Valley Marathon = Awesomeness

I would like to congratulate Chuck, Moses, Jill, Tricia, Gail and Suzanne who were there to run!!!

First of the three races I have dedicated to the Carpentersville Fish Food Pantry was a huge success. It was the inaugural Fox Valley Marathon. I have to split my running life in two:

The first was from age 15 to 24, I ran my first marathon at the tender and innocent age of 17. My first marathon ever was 4:05 time. From there I started running a little more frequent and at the age of 22 years young (still innocent) I ran my personal best ever which was a 3:27 marathon. I ran my 7th and last marathon at the age of 24, the year before I got married... Yes, I always blame my wife!!!

There were 12 long years without running a marathon. Here comes my second time around into running... 2007, I started running a little again. 2008, I decided to get into running again... I was about close to 174 lbs!!! I started training hard, running too much and too fast, too quick (if I had just listened to Coach Karie. I signed up to run the Chicago Marathon, 13 years after my last one now at the tender age of 37. Well I made it to the marathon totally injured but I was able to finished it because that's what I do but it took me a very painful 5:10 (yuck). Here comes 2009, now I am more determined than ever to train right and get better and more importantly lose weight... I go under Coach Karie and I kind of listen to her (she will say otherwise), well I am coachable but sometimes I choose what to hear!!! But she gets me to the Marathon healthy and about 15 lbs lighter... I run the Chicago Marathon in 4:05 and no injuries (I told you, I should have listened to Coach Karie). Well comes 2010 and now I become an Ultra Marathon runner... Well you know the rest but where I am going to ( man, I almost forgot)is that I ran a personal best in my second running life. I ran a 3:54!!! Yeah baby, under 4 hour marathon... And for the record, I have now lost 20 lbs since I started running again... Here is a Picture of my awesome last year coach Karie:

Here she is along with my awesome friend Robin presenting me with the Juan-to-be a Machine certificate in 2009. Well coach, you sure helped me get strong and get me prepared for 2010.

Well my friends one race down two more to go... I will have details very soon and how you can help me with your donations of money or perishable food for the Carpentersville Fish Food Pantry. Here I leave you with some more pictures from the Fox Valley Marathon...

Thank you for your support and your prayers!!!

Juan "The Machine" Juarez

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Charity Decision

Well, I have chosen the Carpentersville Fish Food Pantry. We have Thanksgiving coming up and it gives me 2 months to collect money and/or food. I hope many of you help me by supporting me with your prayers and also with money or food. I will run the 3 races that I mentioned before for this cause.

Next week, I will give more details on how to donate. Right now I have to get ready to run the Fox Valley Marathon and 10 more miles at the end of it to make it a nice 36 mile run tomorrow Sunday...

God Bless you my friends!!!

Juan "the machine" Juarez

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Charity update and new charity

As many of you know,the entire year I been running to collect money to help local charities. My friend Anastasia and I, collected close to $1500.00 for the Lake in the Hills/ Algonquin Food Pantry from January to the end of May.

From June to the first week of September, I collected money to help the Rotary Club of Carpentersville for Operation Warm. I was able to collect close to $500.00 in money that will buy Winter Jackets for kids from the Boys and Girls Club in the Carpentersville Area.

I am extremely proud that my friends and family have been supportive of my running and specially they have been supportive of helping me with their contributions to these local charities. It is very important to me, to be able to help the community around the areas where I live (Carpentersville) and where I have my Business (Lake in the Hills).

My Company Solstice Technology Solutions has contributed with close to $500.00 to both of these charities. Something that I am also very proud of!!!


I can with all honesty tell you that I am having so much fun running more than I have ever ran before. I have met so many new people in the process, some fantastic people. So I keep thinking what else can I do? How else can I help those in need in our communities. I was thinking I can ask for food and money since Thanksgiving day is coming up in November and that would give me 2 months to collect as much as possible. That's one idea but I wanted to open it to all and see if you my friends can give me other ideas. I can also help my Church, I can also help The Knights of Columbus, I can continue to help the Rotary Club of Carpentersville. Any idea(s) that you have, the only requirement is that it must be for a local charity. Anywhere in the Fox Valley area.

Here are the races I have left until the end of October and I would dedicate these races for whet ever charity we come up with:

Fox Valley Marathon 09/19/10 26.2 miles and at the end I am turning around and running another 6 to 10 miles to make it an ultra marathon. St Charles, IL.


Chicago Marathon 10/10/10 26.2 miles I am not sure that my coach will let me run another 6 or 10 miles since it will be getting close to my next race but I will ask. Chicago, IL.


Javelina Jundred 100 10/23/10 101.4 miles Here is a nice description of the race:

Scottsdale, AZ.

Course Description (Clockwise direction)
The race begins at the Pemberton Trailhead and heads south across the dirt parking lot, quickly narrowing onto a mix of sand and gravel covered, rolling single track. The trail crosses McDowell Mountain Park Drive a few hundred meters later and continues with more undulating hills. In the next mile, the trail crosses several very sandy areas including Pemberton Wash.

Continuing past the Tonto Tank Trail junction and the sandy area, the trail makes a sharp turn to the left at the base of long hill. A short while later, the trail curves to the right and begins to ascend the hill. The next couple of miles are a steady climb up very rocky trail. There are large rocks embedded in the trail and smaller rocks loosely covering the trail. The rocks soon subside and the trail evens out as it turns north approaching the McDowell Mountains. The hills and valleys become more significant at this point. After dipping in and out of several dry washes, you will reach the second junction with the Tonto Tank Trail (where you will turn on the final seventh loop) and the first aid station, Coyote Camp.

After the first aid station, the trail dips in and out of even larger sandy washes and desert drainages as the trail continues to head north. There will be many times where you lose and gain anywhere from 20 to 50 feet of elevation. The trail here is a bit narrow and there are some round logs placed in the trail to prevent erosion which you must run over, but it is mostly clear of the rocks present in the first section.

You will wind through the desert and around some neat boulder formations before the trail flattens out and follows a barbed wire fence line. There are some minor rolling hills through here before making a sharp right turn and entering another sandy wash. The trail becomes significantly more gradual from this point on. This sandy area stretches to the next aid station where the trail joins an old jeep road which is wide enough for vehicles to reach the aid station at Jackass Junction.

This road descends past the aid station to a junction shortly after Cedar Tank where the trail leaves the jeep road and again becomes narrow, dipping in and out of a series of sandy washes that are only a couple of feet high. The trail soon crosses a paved park road and continues in much the same fashion back to the Pemberton Trailhead.
The final loop follows the Pemberton Trail rom Javelina Jeadquarters to Coyote Camp. Just before the aid station, the Tonto Tank Trail departs to the right. Take this very nice, rock free trail downhill until it rejoins with the Pemberton Trail. Turn left and run back to the finish line and you are done!


As you can see, we have many exciting runs ahead. And I am saying we because it is your words of support that continue to help me move forward. My family has been behind me 100% of the time, we have made some adjustments but overall life has gone on without many big changes. Please give me any ideas you may have to help a local charity but my goal is to have identify the charity by Saturday...

Thanks and God Bless you and your love ones... Here are some pictures of a few people who have done so much to help me this year getting ready to all the running I have done:

There are a million more pictures I can post here with all the wonderful people in my life and all the wonderful Ultra people I have met this year. I will leave you with a picture that is my driving force... My daughters!!! I can move a mountain for them and when my body feels like it can't move any more, all I have to do is close my eyes and think about my Monica and Karla... I love you girls!!!

Juan "the machine" Juarez

Friday, September 3, 2010

Looking for a company to sponsor me

Looking for a company or two that would like to sponsor me with my running. I am running the new Fox Valley Marathon (september) and the Chicago Marathon (October). Followed by my 100 mile race. I am looking to make running shirts with the sponsor(s) name. Please e-mail me, if you are interested and I can give you more information. I am visible to tons of people everyday, Chicago Marathon its huge. Fox Valley marathon is going to have 1200 runners and a ton of spectators. Running is not cheap, shoes, clothing, races, travel expenses. My own company will be one of my sponsors... Also please keep in mind that all my running is done for charity...


Juan "The Machine" Juarez