Saturday, March 17, 2012

For you Anita - Running for my cousins' kids

It has been a month since I completed my 2nd 100 mile race, the Rocky Road 100 mile Endurance Race in California.

I can honestly say that I am still so proud of that run. I made the mistake of running the first 50 miles too fast and I paid for it the second part of the race but I was able to finish the race in 26 hours and 18 minutes. I had started writing about the race but the news of my cousin Anita's health took over my thoughts and prayers.

See Anita was barely 38 years young when she passed away last week Sunday March 11th, 2012 from cancer. She was a single mother of two beautiful girls Daniella and Mariana.

It's so hard for me to write about it because I loved my cousin very much. What consumes my mind and heart rigt now is to think about her daughters who are 6 and 13 years old. I know that my Aunt Cristina and my Cousin Miguel will take care of the girls and they will do everything in their power to ensure that they have what they need. We all know that nothing will ever replace the love and support from their Mother and that just breaks my heart. I don't have words to write more in detail how special Anita was but trust me when I tell you that she was loved by a ton of people.

My cousin Ana didn't have life insurance, she was a hard working mother who did everything in her power to provide for her girls. I want to try and help at least initially by creating this collection for her daughters.

I ask you to please consider making a donation or a pledge per mile for the two little girls. I will be running several races:

03/18/12 March Madness Half Marathon 13.1 miles (followed by another 13.1 after a 10 minute break)

03/31/12 Chicago Lakefront 50K (31 miles)

04/22/12 Earth Day 50K (31 miles)

05/18/12 Ice Age 50 Miler

Any donation as small or big will be very much appreciated. I am putting $200.00 to start what I hope will be a much needed help for the girls. I am not going to tell you that a have a goal. My goal is to help with my heart and my legs. I know that I have very special friends all over the country and I am confident that those who can, will help. I know we are living during a tough economic time and please remember that if you can't help financially, your prayers are also appreciated.

I don't have a web site where I can direct you to make a donation so you are going to have to trust me and write checks to my name and in the memo section, I would appreciate if you can put " to Dani and Mariana ".

My address is:

Juan Juarez
3710 Rolling Hills Rd
Carpentersville, IL 60110

I will keep everyone updated with the amount that we have collected from now until my last race which is Ice Age 50. I can promise you for my two daughters that every cent that you send for the girls will be going to Anita's girls. I am still trying to see if there is a way to create a credit card link where people would be able to donate, I know that would probably make things much easier. Please let me know, if you would like to pledge per mile or just an amount. You can e-mail me at or you can call me at 773-909-9606.

I know that God is great and I know that he will be watching over Dani and Mariana. Please help me keep them in your prayers and I can assure you that I am also going to be making a difference in their lives in some way, shape or form from now until they are able to take care of themselves.

Your friend,

Juanito aka The Machine Juarez

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rocky Road 100 Mile Endurance Race

Happy New Year my friends...

Rocky Road 100 will be my first race of the year. February, 2012 marks the one year anniversary of completing my first and only 100 until now. Last year I ran Iron Horse 100 in Florida with a time of 25 hours and 39 minutes.

Well, here I am one year later ready to do it again. The difference this time is the experience I have from having a great 2011. I feel stronger now that I have ever felt since I started running Ultras in March of 2010. I am looking forward to having a great race God willing. On top of that I am going to have an all Super Ultra stars crew/pacers on my side, Oswaldo Lopez and Jorge Pacheco. They are both Badwater 135 mile race champions and they have also won many ultras over the years. Talk about pressure, great pressure to run a good race...

Picture with Oswaldo at Badwater:

Picture of the great Jorge Pacheco and Oswaldo Lopez in Badwater:

My training is going great, this is my last week with high mileage and after Sunday, I will start tapering for Rocky 100 on February 18th. I really would like to thank Oswaldo Lopez who has become my coach and he has advice me since December on my training...

I would also like to thank, the company I work for ChicagoMicro. They are sponsoring my race and travel to California. It is great to work for a company that cares and supports its employees. Thank you Julian and Jennifer Pretto.

A special thanks to my wife and daughters who support everything I do. To all my friends who in one way or another have helped me to get ready and to my bff Anastasia, who is always there for me... This is going to be EPIC and I can't wait to take on this challenge... Thanks to all the running clubs, Chugs, Nlurs and Mudds.

In a few words my friends " LET'S GO MACHINE BABY..."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ice Age 50 Mile Endurance Race May 14th, 2011

I started running ultras last year (2010) in March to be exact when I ran the Chicago Lake Front 50K in 5:32 I believe. This year I PR the 50K at 5:01 so I really wanted to know what I was going to be able to do at Ice Age 50 miler this year. Last year IA50 was my first 50 miler ever (technically my only one until last week). I ran IA50 in 2010 in 11:32 so going into 2011, I really wanted to see how much I had improved over one year of running ultras. So far in 2011 I have run the following:

Windburn 6 Hours (01/29/11) - I ran 27.86 miles in deep snow
Iron Horse 100 (02/19/11) - completed 1st 100 in 25:39:08
Lake Front 50K (03/2011) - PR 05:01

I went into Ice Age 50 as excited as I have ever been to run an ultra. I told everyone that would listen to me that my goal was to run it in 10:30 so that would be an hour faster than last year. But guess what? I was just kidding,in reality my goal all along was to run it in 10 hours. I thought I had the strenght, determination and speed to be able to do it.

We drove in the morning at 4 am to the Ice Age trails (Michele, Joy, Anastasia and I), yes I know I am a lucky guy, always have gorgeous, awesome runners around me ;0) I had only slept 3.5 hours but that is usually the case before a big race so no big deal. The beautiful Michele Hartwig got us there with plenty of time so we had time to go use the restroom and put on our clothes because you know we have to look good baby... and get our packets... I was ready to go, excited, determined and feeling great.

The week leading to the race, I had talked to several of my ultra friends and I had decided that I was actually going to have a strategy for the 50 miles. The strategy was simple, start nice and slow and my goal was to average a 12 minute mile for the first 35 miles and after that, well I am the fricken Machine, I was going to run the last 15 like a possesed runner. I was going to day dream that imigration was chasing me while crossing the Rio Grande... LMAO OK I just made that up... But that was the strategy, it made sense and I thought I could handle it. Well, we headed to the start and I started high fiving a bunch of people that I only knew from facebook. I loved it, finally able to meet people in person... I took a picture with my BFF and I gave her a hug and I went to line up with the beautiful Joy.

The great thing about IA50 is that it starts and finishes on the same place. We sang the National Anthem which is always awesome and exciting to me and there we went. We started with the first section which is a moderetaly easy 9 mile loop, it is a wide trail so you don't have to worry about single track or anything dangerous, right? Well wrong!!! In those first 9 miles, I actually rolled over my left ankle 2 times. The same fricken ankle that still has bothered me since Iron Horse. The ankle was hurting but I will be honest, it never prevented me from running. It did slowed me down a few times but I was supposed to start slow anyway so I wasn't too worry. I got back to the 9 mile loop start about 4 minutes ahead of pace (remember I was supposed to be doing 12 minute miles). Well from mile 2 on, I really wanted to go numero 2 (bathroom) so I held it for 7 miles and I really felt uncomfortable the entire time running. When I got back to the start/finish which marks the end of the 9 mile loop, my BFF was there waiting for me a little worry. What happend?, she asked... You are the last one from our group!! She said... and I said, nothing happened!!! I am starting slow... Well I grabbed a PB&J sandwich and reloaded my water and went fast to the bathroom. Well, it was one of those that goes on and on and on and on and on... and fricken 6 minutes later I was finally done, sorry trying to give you the step by step or more like push by push!!!

So finally, I went on with my run a couple of pounds lighter and a couple of minutes behind my pace. I picked up the pace because I wanted to get back into my 12 minute a mile pace so quickly I ran the next mile in about 9 minutes and got back on track. We went into the 2nd section which is out to Rice Lake. Once you pass the famous Confusion corner, you are on the Ice Age trails (yeah buddy, time to have some fun, yeah whatevere loser!!!) I know, I am talking to myself (crazy Mexican). Here is where we switch to single track with rocks and roots and uphills and downhills... fun, fun, fun... As you cross highway H, you find yourself running through several miles of pine forest (this is my favorite time), do you ever wonder what Heaven would look like? I do and this is the part that makes me realized how wonderful life is and how much God gives us to enjoy. At this point I was crusing along and confident that I would start catching people after 20 to 25 miles. I ran for a little while with the wonderful Tara and Amanda and it was nice to see people I knew. It was great to run and see so many people I knew and getting the occasional Go Machine and high fives. I got to the turn around and I was feeling fine, I probably spent a minute there and I started running back. I got to see my wonderful and beautiful BFF again, oh yeah and Robin ;0) and that gave me some energy to keep pushing.

I got to see so many people cheering for us: Brian, Kelly, Frank, Holly, Sharen, BFF, Robin, I had seen the wonderful Michele Hartwig earlier... and all these people kept giving me the energy to keep pushing forward but as the miles kep accumulating, I started to noticed that my muscles were getting extremely tight and honestly at this point I had pee only once, when I made my 6 minute stop (remember that? I know yuck!)I had a really sharp pain on my stomach and that was very umcomfortable but I kept pushing and keeping my 12 minute pace.

I finally arrived to the famous Confusion corner again which I think is mile 32 and a little angel was waiting for me there, YES you guessed it right my BFF. She was ready to run with me, she wasn't pacing me ( because there is no pacing at IA50) but how well does she know me that she noticed earlier that something wasn't right with me. Thanks Anastasia, you are an angel from heaven and my best friend too. Well quickly, we picked up the pace and we took off fast I would say at a nice 10 minute per mile pace and at that point I figured, this is what you been waiting for... Time to show yourself what you are made of and honestly I live to challenge myself. I don't care who is in from or behind me, I care about how much am I going to push myself and I said " God give me the strenght ". We went on with section 3 which is out to the Emma Carlin trails and I have no idea who this Emma lady is but I thought "lady this shit is hard!!!". I told Anastasia that I was having a really bad pain on my stomach and of course she asked have you peed? I said not in the last 4 + hours and she said well pee moron (she didn't say moron but I wish she had) so I stopped to try and to my surprised I did... As soon as I started running again it was the beginning of the end for my smooth 12 minute per mile pace. I got my first cramp on my left hamstring, I stopped running instantly and started walking holding on to me hamstring... Well the rest of the last 15 miles were just like that so I just started slowing down, my dream of pushing hard like I was crossing el Rio Grande were gone and it was time to be a machine and not give up... It was miller time, Oh no that was later!!! Here is a little picture of how great I was feeling:

We got to the turn around time and I was feeling the miles and the hamstrings, at this point it was both but I just wanted to keep going and I did... My goal had become to still PR (old time 11:32) and try to finish under 11 hours!!! Never mind just finishing under cut off, I had to push myself still no matter what. As I was passing somebody with 5 miles to go and he saw me holding on to my hamstring, he said "you know you can just walk it now and you can make it way under the cut off" and I said, thank you sir very much but I want to PR and finish under 11... He just gave me a funny look probably saying "este boy is mucho LOCO"... As we approach Confusion corner again, I knew I had the shot at under 11 but my legs were gone, my hamstring were trashed and I was cramping up left and right. we got back to the Nordic trail and made a right to the finish line which I think is a mile to go and who was waiting for me there? No other than the one and only Prince Kamil... So he started telling me in his very cute accent, Go Machine one mile and you have 10 or 11 minutes to finish uder 11 and my BFF telling me the samething. SO I started kind of running but I think I look like a mummy trying to keep my legs straight because the craps were just there and pushing... and Kamil was like look Juan I am doing the Mexican wave, like they do in soccer and my face was like what to fuck is this guy doing??? but inside I wanted to crack up. I love Kamil, so both Kamil and Anastasia got me to the finish line.

Yes, I crossed the finish line at 10:58:42 I got my PR by 34 minutes, I finished under 11 hours but more importantly God allowed me to finish the race despite all the issues I had today... Thanks be to God!!! As people were cheering me on and hugging me and kissing (Ok there were no kisses!!! darn it.) I was having a hard time keeping my balance, thank you Joy for keeping me up and grabbing me when I was about to go down. It was obvious to me that I had pushed myself so I was happy despite of not running the 10 hours I had in mind. I know next year, I will get my 10 hour Ice Age 50.

Lastly, sorry for the book. But I do know what mistakes I made leading to the race. I changed my diet, the entire week I ate a lot of proteins and only the last day Friday I ate carbs. Also I didn't drink as much water as I usually do but I did drink too much coffee... hello!!! Moron!!! So, as we always say, every race we should be able to learn something and I did... Now time to get ready for Kettle 100 on June 4th. 100 miles for my 40th birthday and my bff has given me my marketing name "Birthday Boy Machine".

Thanks my brother and sisters and see you on the trails, roads, bars and dacing clubs of America!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Iron Horse 100 Mile endurance Race

February 19Th, 2011 This day may have changed my running life forever. I have pushed my body to levels that I never knew I could, I have challenged my mind and heart in ways that I never knew I could but let me slow down and tell you what happened.

I have to go back to October,2010 I had tried running my 1st 100 mile race ever at the Javelina 100 in Arizona. I made it to mile 77 and therefore got the 100K buckle but I was devastated because I was unable to finish my first 100 miler. I was injured and the following weeks after the 100 miler I kept running and making my injury a little worse. I finally got to the point in November that I ran very little and December also I ran very little with all the partying I was doing and also my back was giving me a hard time.

Here comes January, 2011. I was basically 6 weeks away from Iron Horse 100 and I knew that it was time to put 4 strong weeks of training. I went back to my Chiropractor 3 times a week and within a week I was already feeling great. Dr. Greg Cherne is awesome and he has kept my lower back moving during my first year of ultrarunning. I ran close to 200 miles in January, now keep in mind that during December and January I ran many times on snow and trails with snow... Thanks to my beautiful and strong friend Michele Hartwig, who for a long time has told me how the trails would make me stronger... and strong they made me for sure... I love you Michele!!!

My awesome coach Todd Braje put a great schedule together for me to follow in January. This dude was so cool and allowed me to wait until January when I told him I felt healthy and I was ready to train hard. I was also lucky to be a part of the Chicago Ultrarunners because we had a 6 hour run towards the end of January. That was my longest run, I covered a little over 27 miles but it was really tough because of all the snow on the ground during that run. But we have heard so many times, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and stronger it made me... two weeks prior to Iron Horse Todd told me, concentrate on resting and feeling good. He told me to stay hydrated because Florida was going to be a shock to my system and guess what? it was... The dude knows his stuff...

Finally the week to travel was upon us. My awesome and best friend Anastasia and I were traveling Thursday morning. We left early, we didn't want any surprises with delays or anyhting like that. In Florida at the hotel we were going to meet our great friends Michele Hartwig and Dorn Peddy. Anastasia and I went to the trail Thursday afternoon to check it out and we walked a couple of miles on it. We did the same Friday but this time we ran 2 miles and walked back 2 miles. We bought anything and everything we would need for the race, we also got all our clothes ready.

To my surprise I slept well both Thursday and Friday night. I woke up early at 5:30 am on Saturday, I got dress and went downstairs to drink coffee and I think I ate a banana. The race started at 7 am. I remember the night before I was really nervous about the 100 miler but Saturday morning, I was at peace with myself and I felt confident about what I was about to do... Sorry to make this so long both I am still so excited about completing my 1st 100.

OK we started the race at 7 am on February 19Th. My plan was to run the entire first 25 miles at a 12 minute per mile pace. I was actually doing great and I was able to keep the pace until mile 22. Remember that I wrote earlier that my coach told me that the change in temperature was going to be a shock on my body. Well what to heck... It was!!! All of a sudden, I started feeling like I wanted to vomit and my stomach felt bloated. I started walking and running but I totally felt uncomfortable. When I reached mile 25, I saw my pacer Caleb and he asked me how I was doing.

I said I am fine but I feel like vomiting but I kept going. I went out again for the next 25 miles and after a couple of miles I saw my friend Michele, I told her my problem and she immediately told me what to do. She said when you get back to the aid station, take salt tablets. Take 2 or 3 because your body is not processing the water. Also once I got back and took the tablets, Caleb said, hey Juan what about take off some clothes dude??? Hello, why didn't I think of that??? So I took off my beautiful Moeben arm sleeves, the headband and picked up my second water bottle. I walked much of the next 4 to 5 miles. At some points, I would try to run but I was still not feeling great so I would walk again. I remember clearly around mile 31, I started running and just like that my legs got going and I was moving quick again. I started running and feeling great while doing it. I was able to catch up again to my best friend Anastasia. We got separated around mile 14, she started walking but then on mile 25, she passed me as I started walking and probably around mile 35 I passed her again. I wish we could have stayed together but we knew that we had to run each our own race. It is amazing how you can feel great at one point and then miserable a few miles later and then good again... The body just keeps giving you back. I finished 50 miles running strong. First 25 miles I ran in 5:10 and the next 25 miles in 6:20.

I started walking the next 25 miles, I was feeling tired at this point and I wasn't happy because I still had 50 miles to go... Wow, now thinking back... shit that's a lot of miles. :0) Well I walked a lot in these next 25 miles. I would say that I walked 50% of the time and I ran the other 50% but my running was also starting to be very slow. During this time my legs were starting to get very heavy and my shoulder muscles were in pain. I was also running in the dark now, so I had my headlight on... One thing I will never forget was the 3 trestles we had to walk on and we had to walk on them 24 times. Here is a picture of the longest one which was I think 350 yards long. We were told there was a swamp under with crocodiles:

All I remember was the race director say was, If you fall and you are in water, you better get out of it fast... Unless if you fall in rocks I hope you don't break something... First 50 miles walking on them no problem, last 50 miles walking on them with tired legs... well it was a little scary. On my way back I had learned that my awesome bff Anastasia had dropped to the 100k, her feet had given her problems all day long. She is such a strong runner and I was just happy to hear that she was ok. Here she is at the end of her 100K:

It helped me a lot to see Anastasia on my way back around mile 71 at the aid station. She made me a drink of Heed and Mountain Dew, it was yummy and full of caffeine... It also got me happy to see her and therefore gave me a push of energy... I got to mile 75 and my awesome pacer Caleb Wilson was there waiting for me and ready to go to run the last 25 miles with me. This 25 miles took me 7:30 to complete so after 75 miles and 19 hours, I had to run the last 25 miles in under 7 hours to ensure I will make it under the 26 hour time limit.

I clearly remember Caleb asking me how much time do we have and I said 7 hours and he said no problem. He asked me if I was ready to make it happen and of course I said YES... and he said, no problem we are going to have to work and run so there we went. We ran much of the first 5 miles, I called my sister Elizabeth and I said I am at mile 80. I won't call you again until I am done because I am against time. Saying that helped me focus again and it allowed me to run faster. I may have taken a couple of walking breaks but they were short most of the time. We got to the last aid station and that was mile 88, as we passed the aid station Caleb asked how much time do we have and I think at that point we had like 2:10 to complete 12 miles and I will never forget his words. He said " at the turn around (which was 2 miles away) we are going to TURN and BURN." and I remember getting like a shock of energy that allowed me to pick up my speed instantly. I started running probably 12 minute pace again and as we turn around, I picked up my pace even more. I told him I wouldn't stop at aid stations anymore. He grabbed all my GU's from my drop back and I said, I will give you my bottle to put heed and just catch up to me... Sure enough with 10 miles to go, I was flying back, I flew by the aid station. I was in a mission... My wife, my daughters, My sisters, my ultra friends, Michele and Anastasia, I could hear them all talking to me... I was talking to myself out loud. I was saying, DON'T STOP, DON"T STOP and I was talking to God saying, GIVE ME THE STRENGTH, GIVE ME THE STRENGTH... Everything I had learned over the pass 11 months since I started running ultras, everyone I had met and my passion, belief and heart were all working with me. I ran and I ran and I ran... I had passed a few people in the last 30 miles but I wasn't racing against any of them, I was racing against me. I was doing it for Pediatric Cancer, I was doing it for all those kids that are not as lucky as my daughters and are sick... I knew at mile 98 that I had plenty of time to finish under the 26 hour limit, I had given my all. The last mile I couldn't run anymore, out of the fog came out the awesome Juli Aistars who I had passed a little earlier. She could have gone bye me and finish a little ahead of me but instead, she walked with me... She was so happy for me and I was so happy to finish with her. We had about 200 meters to go and I can see the finish, I can hear my BFF yelling BFF, you did it, BFF you did it... as I am writing this I am crying again, remembering what it felt like... I instantly started crying and I heard Juli telling me, come on Juan let's finish running so I ran with Juli. We both passed the finish line and Anastasia was there to greet me. We were both crying like babies. Just like when I waited for her as she finished Javelina 100 and I dropped to 100k. Our Roles had reversed this time.

I had completed my 1st 100 mile race in 25 hours 39 minutes and 9 seconds. I ran the last 25 miles in 6:39:09 Wow, I actually had negative splits compare to the 25 miles before. I learned a lot about my body, I learned a lot about my mind but mostly I learned a lot about my heart... I never gave up, I knew I would do it from the start. I was so determined to complete the race and nothing or nobody would stop me. To all my running friends, you too can write your own story. You too can do anything regardless of the distance. All it takes it's the determination, the drive, the dream, the goals, the support from your family and friends but mostly all it takes is YOU. You too can be a machine and you can be a better machine, just do what your heart tells you to do and follow your dreams... Until, the next race... God Bless you and your families!!!

I love you Dulce, Monica, Karla Juarez... Special thanks to my BFF Anastasia. Thank you Michele, Todd and Dr Greg Cherne. Thank you Elizabeth, Claudia and Ofelia my 3 beautiful sisters... Special thank you to my Bro in Law Joel, who was considering driving Friday night from IL to meet me at the finish line Sunday morning in FL... I am glad the crazy man didn't do it... and Thank you to anyone and everyone who prayed or wished me good in my 100 mile journey... I love life and I love you...

Juan "the machine" Juarez

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fox Valley Marathon = Awesomeness

I would like to congratulate Chuck, Moses, Jill, Tricia, Gail and Suzanne who were there to run!!!

First of the three races I have dedicated to the Carpentersville Fish Food Pantry was a huge success. It was the inaugural Fox Valley Marathon. I have to split my running life in two:

The first was from age 15 to 24, I ran my first marathon at the tender and innocent age of 17. My first marathon ever was 4:05 time. From there I started running a little more frequent and at the age of 22 years young (still innocent) I ran my personal best ever which was a 3:27 marathon. I ran my 7th and last marathon at the age of 24, the year before I got married... Yes, I always blame my wife!!!

There were 12 long years without running a marathon. Here comes my second time around into running... 2007, I started running a little again. 2008, I decided to get into running again... I was about close to 174 lbs!!! I started training hard, running too much and too fast, too quick (if I had just listened to Coach Karie. I signed up to run the Chicago Marathon, 13 years after my last one now at the tender age of 37. Well I made it to the marathon totally injured but I was able to finished it because that's what I do but it took me a very painful 5:10 (yuck). Here comes 2009, now I am more determined than ever to train right and get better and more importantly lose weight... I go under Coach Karie and I kind of listen to her (she will say otherwise), well I am coachable but sometimes I choose what to hear!!! But she gets me to the Marathon healthy and about 15 lbs lighter... I run the Chicago Marathon in 4:05 and no injuries (I told you, I should have listened to Coach Karie). Well comes 2010 and now I become an Ultra Marathon runner... Well you know the rest but where I am going to ( man, I almost forgot)is that I ran a personal best in my second running life. I ran a 3:54!!! Yeah baby, under 4 hour marathon... And for the record, I have now lost 20 lbs since I started running again... Here is a Picture of my awesome last year coach Karie:

Here she is along with my awesome friend Robin presenting me with the Juan-to-be a Machine certificate in 2009. Well coach, you sure helped me get strong and get me prepared for 2010.

Well my friends one race down two more to go... I will have details very soon and how you can help me with your donations of money or perishable food for the Carpentersville Fish Food Pantry. Here I leave you with some more pictures from the Fox Valley Marathon...

Thank you for your support and your prayers!!!

Juan "The Machine" Juarez

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Charity Decision

Well, I have chosen the Carpentersville Fish Food Pantry. We have Thanksgiving coming up and it gives me 2 months to collect money and/or food. I hope many of you help me by supporting me with your prayers and also with money or food. I will run the 3 races that I mentioned before for this cause.

Next week, I will give more details on how to donate. Right now I have to get ready to run the Fox Valley Marathon and 10 more miles at the end of it to make it a nice 36 mile run tomorrow Sunday...

God Bless you my friends!!!

Juan "the machine" Juarez

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Charity update and new charity

As many of you know,the entire year I been running to collect money to help local charities. My friend Anastasia and I, collected close to $1500.00 for the Lake in the Hills/ Algonquin Food Pantry from January to the end of May.

From June to the first week of September, I collected money to help the Rotary Club of Carpentersville for Operation Warm. I was able to collect close to $500.00 in money that will buy Winter Jackets for kids from the Boys and Girls Club in the Carpentersville Area.

I am extremely proud that my friends and family have been supportive of my running and specially they have been supportive of helping me with their contributions to these local charities. It is very important to me, to be able to help the community around the areas where I live (Carpentersville) and where I have my Business (Lake in the Hills).

My Company Solstice Technology Solutions has contributed with close to $500.00 to both of these charities. Something that I am also very proud of!!!

I can with all honesty tell you that I am having so much fun running more than I have ever ran before. I have met so many new people in the process, some fantastic people. So I keep thinking what else can I do? How else can I help those in need in our communities. I was thinking I can ask for food and money since Thanksgiving day is coming up in November and that would give me 2 months to collect as much as possible. That's one idea but I wanted to open it to all and see if you my friends can give me other ideas. I can also help my Church, I can also help The Knights of Columbus, I can continue to help the Rotary Club of Carpentersville. Any idea(s) that you have, the only requirement is that it must be for a local charity. Anywhere in the Fox Valley area.

Here are the races I have left until the end of October and I would dedicate these races for whet ever charity we come up with:

Fox Valley Marathon 09/19/10 26.2 miles and at the end I am turning around and running another 6 to 10 miles to make it an ultra marathon. St Charles, IL.

Chicago Marathon 10/10/10 26.2 miles I am not sure that my coach will let me run another 6 or 10 miles since it will be getting close to my next race but I will ask. Chicago, IL.

Javelina Jundred 100 10/23/10 101.4 miles Here is a nice description of the race:

Scottsdale, AZ.

Course Description (Clockwise direction)
The race begins at the Pemberton Trailhead and heads south across the dirt parking lot, quickly narrowing onto a mix of sand and gravel covered, rolling single track. The trail crosses McDowell Mountain Park Drive a few hundred meters later and continues with more undulating hills. In the next mile, the trail crosses several very sandy areas including Pemberton Wash.

Continuing past the Tonto Tank Trail junction and the sandy area, the trail makes a sharp turn to the left at the base of long hill. A short while later, the trail curves to the right and begins to ascend the hill. The next couple of miles are a steady climb up very rocky trail. There are large rocks embedded in the trail and smaller rocks loosely covering the trail. The rocks soon subside and the trail evens out as it turns north approaching the McDowell Mountains. The hills and valleys become more significant at this point. After dipping in and out of several dry washes, you will reach the second junction with the Tonto Tank Trail (where you will turn on the final seventh loop) and the first aid station, Coyote Camp.

After the first aid station, the trail dips in and out of even larger sandy washes and desert drainages as the trail continues to head north. There will be many times where you lose and gain anywhere from 20 to 50 feet of elevation. The trail here is a bit narrow and there are some round logs placed in the trail to prevent erosion which you must run over, but it is mostly clear of the rocks present in the first section.

You will wind through the desert and around some neat boulder formations before the trail flattens out and follows a barbed wire fence line. There are some minor rolling hills through here before making a sharp right turn and entering another sandy wash. The trail becomes significantly more gradual from this point on. This sandy area stretches to the next aid station where the trail joins an old jeep road which is wide enough for vehicles to reach the aid station at Jackass Junction.

This road descends past the aid station to a junction shortly after Cedar Tank where the trail leaves the jeep road and again becomes narrow, dipping in and out of a series of sandy washes that are only a couple of feet high. The trail soon crosses a paved park road and continues in much the same fashion back to the Pemberton Trailhead.
The final loop follows the Pemberton Trail rom Javelina Jeadquarters to Coyote Camp. Just before the aid station, the Tonto Tank Trail departs to the right. Take this very nice, rock free trail downhill until it rejoins with the Pemberton Trail. Turn left and run back to the finish line and you are done!

As you can see, we have many exciting runs ahead. And I am saying we because it is your words of support that continue to help me move forward. My family has been behind me 100% of the time, we have made some adjustments but overall life has gone on without many big changes. Please give me any ideas you may have to help a local charity but my goal is to have identify the charity by Saturday...

Thanks and God Bless you and your love ones... Here are some pictures of a few people who have done so much to help me this year getting ready to all the running I have done:

There are a million more pictures I can post here with all the wonderful people in my life and all the wonderful Ultra people I have met this year. I will leave you with a picture that is my driving force... My daughters!!! I can move a mountain for them and when my body feels like it can't move any more, all I have to do is close my eyes and think about my Monica and Karla... I love you girls!!!

Juan "the machine" Juarez