Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fox Valley Marathon = Awesomeness

I would like to congratulate Chuck, Moses, Jill, Tricia, Gail and Suzanne who were there to run!!!

First of the three races I have dedicated to the Carpentersville Fish Food Pantry was a huge success. It was the inaugural Fox Valley Marathon. I have to split my running life in two:

The first was from age 15 to 24, I ran my first marathon at the tender and innocent age of 17. My first marathon ever was 4:05 time. From there I started running a little more frequent and at the age of 22 years young (still innocent) I ran my personal best ever which was a 3:27 marathon. I ran my 7th and last marathon at the age of 24, the year before I got married... Yes, I always blame my wife!!!

There were 12 long years without running a marathon. Here comes my second time around into running... 2007, I started running a little again. 2008, I decided to get into running again... I was about close to 174 lbs!!! I started training hard, running too much and too fast, too quick (if I had just listened to Coach Karie. I signed up to run the Chicago Marathon, 13 years after my last one now at the tender age of 37. Well I made it to the marathon totally injured but I was able to finished it because that's what I do but it took me a very painful 5:10 (yuck). Here comes 2009, now I am more determined than ever to train right and get better and more importantly lose weight... I go under Coach Karie and I kind of listen to her (she will say otherwise), well I am coachable but sometimes I choose what to hear!!! But she gets me to the Marathon healthy and about 15 lbs lighter... I run the Chicago Marathon in 4:05 and no injuries (I told you, I should have listened to Coach Karie). Well comes 2010 and now I become an Ultra Marathon runner... Well you know the rest but where I am going to ( man, I almost forgot)is that I ran a personal best in my second running life. I ran a 3:54!!! Yeah baby, under 4 hour marathon... And for the record, I have now lost 20 lbs since I started running again... Here is a Picture of my awesome last year coach Karie:

Here she is along with my awesome friend Robin presenting me with the Juan-to-be a Machine certificate in 2009. Well coach, you sure helped me get strong and get me prepared for 2010.

Well my friends one race down two more to go... I will have details very soon and how you can help me with your donations of money or perishable food for the Carpentersville Fish Food Pantry. Here I leave you with some more pictures from the Fox Valley Marathon...

Thank you for your support and your prayers!!!

Juan "The Machine" Juarez


  1. Congrats on your sub-4 marathon, Juan! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing your report. Have a fun time at Farmdale in a couple weeks!

  2. Thanks Kelly... I will give a report of Farmdale as well. It was tough to switch from the Chicago marathon but it makes more sense for my 100 miler.

  3. Beto,
    I loved your blog...
    I will be thinking and praying that you do yet again awesome in Arazona! I know you will do it!!
    I love you and I am very proud of you!


  4. Dude! You're a Luchador too?! awesome! haha