Friday, July 23, 2010

Project Warm Race 2 - Sunburn Six in the Stix

After the 50k the weekend before at Devil's Lake, I felt a little bit of unfinished business. Since I had to drop from the 50 mile race to the 50 Kilometer race, I felt that I needed to rebound quickly. Well two days after the 50K on Monday, I went for a 2 mile run and my muscles were screaming in pain but I ran 2 miles at a nice 10:30 minute per mile pace. Two days later on Wednesday, it happened to be my partner in crime and brother in law's birthday (Mr. Moses Plomero). His wife grilled some pork chops for his bday celebration and we ate like pigs... about an hour and a half later Moses told me he was going for a run, I was like are you crazy? We ate so much and he said, well I am going. So I decided to go too and see how my legs would feel. We went for a 5 mile run and we ran a nice 9 minute per mile pace. My muscles were still huritng but nothing like two days prior. This is when I decided that I needed to go for a long run soon. The following day, my best friend Anastasia texted me to tell me she wanted to do a 6 hour fun run race that was posted in facebook with the Chicago Ultrarunners club. So I said, yeah let's do it... I was all excited about it but nervous because I wasn't sure if my legs would be able to handle running for 6 hours after having ran the 50K the weekend before. And plus there was the question of my back, can my back take it...

I found out Friday night that Anastasia wasn't doing it anymore because she was still sore. Let's be fair to her, she ran the 50 mile race the week before unlike me. I decided that I would go ahead and run it anyway. I didn't know anyone at the race but I figured that it would be a great way to meet new people. I woke up Saturday early and got my stuff to go run the 6 hour fun run race. The race started at 7:30 am so it was already hot by the time it started. Something very interesting about this race is that there is no trees anywhere on the trail so there is obsolutely no way of hidding from our friend the sun. Well I am so happy that I came to this event. I met some great people, Dan, Brian, Kelly, Amanda, Tony, Torey, Ian and more that I can't even remember right now...

I started running with Dan, which is pictured above and I think we ran a good 10 miles together... Along the way, I met Torey and she ran some with us as well. It is always awesome to see how runners are such cool and friendly people. To listen to their stories and to tell them yours...

I was able to run 16 miles in 3 hours but by them it was 10:30 am and the sun was already kicking our butts, well mine for sure... My legs felt decent but I was starting to feel a little tired. My lower back was bothering me a little but it wasn't horrible. I told myself, Juan just take it one hour at a time and let's see what happens. Well the last 3 hours I only covered 10 more miles. The biggest reason was really how hot it was and we think the temperature went up as high as 94 degrees. But part of it was also been tired from the week before. So I was able to run and yes walk sometimes towards the last two hours a total of 26 miles. I was very proud of myself, to be able to come back one week later and be on my feet for 6 hours. I came in 16th place out of 49 runners and I was extremely happy about that. The next day Sunday I was ready to run again but I decided to relax and wait for Monday. Monday I ran 10.5 miles, 6 miles with the LTF running club. The reason why I mention this is because I feel like I have now reached a new level of fitness. I feel like my legs can do a lot more than just two months ago. The training, the races over the past 7 months are really starting to make my body very strong. I am now signed up for a 32 mile race on August 14th and of course the ultimate challange is October 23rd when I go for my first ever 100 mile race in Arizona... Stay tuned for more, this machine has a lot more to give... Please consider making a donation to Project Warm. a $20.00 donation can help buy a jacket for the winter so that a low income kid can go to school in the winter.

The machine Juarez always happy to take on the next challange!!!

After the race with my new friend Brian... Thanks Brian for putting this event together. It was just Juantastic!!!

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