Thursday, July 1, 2010

Operation Warm - Let's help the KIDS in Carpentersville

I have decided to run my following two races to help getting winter coats for the low income families but specifically the kids in Carpentersville, IL:

I will be running The Devil's Lake 50 Mile race in Wisconsin on July 10th:

and to close this great challange, I will be running my firts ever 100 mile race. The Lean Horse Hundred (100 miles) on August 28th and 29th:

My fellow friends, I promise you that I will not rest to get my body ready for that 100 mile race. I promise you that every step I take during my training and during my two races, all these kids will be pushing my mind, my heart and my body, to continue and to finish the races. I am commiting my time, my body and my money to help this great cause. I believe in helping my community, I believe in helping my fellow brothers and sisters but more importantly I believe in helping the kids in need of our help. Please join me in donating and helping the kids of Carpentersville. Today is for Carpentersville, tomorrow it could be for your town... We are asking for a $20.00 donation that will help buy a winter coat for a kid in need and if you can donate more, it would be very much appreciated. My company Solstice Technology Solutions ( and I are commited on donating $100.00 for each race I complete. Please read the information below and as you make your donation, please make sure to write down my name on the comment section of your check so we can keep track of the people who are supporting not only this great cause but the people that are also supporting me on this wonderful journey... As always, I am your humble servant and please let me know if you have any questions.

Juan "the machine" Juarez

This is a letter from our wonderful Chairperson Donna, who is leading this wonderful project:

My name is Donna Zoellick and I am Chairperson of Operation Warm for the Rotary Club of Carpentersville. The Rotary is a service organization which helps people in need. Read about Rotary worldwide at Operation Warm is a project to provide new winter coats to children whose families cannot provide one for them. Rotary purchases these new coats for $20 each. A carton contains six coats of thee colors, one size per box and gender specific. Rotary is raising money to buy as many boxes of coats as we can.

Carpentersville is a community with a wide range of economic diversity. The school system has a department that identifies families in need and is a funnel for the help given by Rotary and other organizations. The tough economy has increased the number of people in need. When the department head from the school system spoke to Rotary she outlined a large number of students in K-12 grades that needed help. There are even some students that are homeless and parentless. This is the United States of America. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!!

Last year was the first year Rotary provided coats and we had little time to do so. We were proud to have raised enough money to provide 210 new coats to students at Golfview Elementary School. A new coat gives a child a sense of pride. To earn their coats the students wrote an essay on what the Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township meant to them. Since we had limited funds the Boys and Girls Club identified children in need at the school who participated in their program. The essays were read out loud to all. Many children said that the Boys and Girls Club helped them with their homework and gave them a safe place to go after school. They also said that they were happy to get dinner from the Boys and Girls Club. Many of the children would not get dinner if it was not provided by the Boys and Girls Club. Some parents keep the children home in the winter since they cannot provide them with a coat. This is the United States of America. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!!

Last fall the new coats were a surprise for the kids. They were treated to a party and then led into the gym for the presentation of a coat to each child. There were many smiling faces. Those of us in Rotary and the Boys and Girls Club were touched by their gratitude.

This year Rotary has a goal to raise enough money to provide a new coat for every needy child in Carpentersville grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. It is a lofty goal but with the generosity of local businesses and citizens Rotary can achieve this goal. Operation Warm will be an annual cause for the Carpentersville Rotary. Children continue to grow and need new coats. New children enter the school system.

Rotary understands that these are tough times for us all. If you can help us in any way with a donation toward the new coat Operation Warm project we would appreciate it. Cash donations can be made at First American Bank, 261 S. Western Ave., Carpentersville, IL 60110 or send a check to Carpentersville Rotary Charitable Foundation, PO Box 946, Carpentersville, IL 60110. Rotary will order the coats in the month of September so we need your donations soon. The Rotary Club of Carpentersville thanks you in advance for your generosity.


Donna Zoellick, Chairperson, Operation Warm
The Rotary Club of Carpentersville

As I side note, I am also a member of the Carpentersville Rotary Club. We are looking for new members to join us in the Rotary Club. We are always looking for new talent and more importantly, we are looking for people who want to make a difference in the community. Please join me for a free breakfast at our next meeting and let me show you, how you too can make a difference (and you won't have to run 100 miles :0) ) Please let me know if you would be interested in attending a meeting.

Juan Juarez

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